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Rock 'n' Roll Witch - Remembering Sinéad

For this month’s Rock ’n’ Roll Witch Show, Zoë Howe celebrates Sinéad O’Connor, as well as playing two seasonally appropriate songs from PJ Harvey’s new album and discussing harvest festival Lammas and the Irish fire festival of Lughnasadh. Also expect some musings upon the cosmic Lion’s Gate portal (8/8) and a Full Moon in Aquarius, as the Wheel of the Year turns again. 

Music from Sinéad O’Connor, as well as Eithne Ni Uallacháin, The Cure, Maggie Sansone, Planxty, Hozier ft Mavis Staples, Depeche Mode, Clannad and Max Richter.

The Rock 'n' Roll Witch returns to Soho Radio!

After a long and restorative snooze, I'll be returning to the Soho Radio airwaves on Tuesday 6th June for a dazzling breakfast slot - 7-9am, if you don't mind! - helping both mystics and muggles and Sohemians of all stripes wrest themselves from the arms of Morpheus. Monthly show. Do tune in. As ever, you can hear it on the Soho Radio app, on their website www.sohoradiolondon.com (where you can also find all previous episodes). All shows get archived to Mixcloud too.

This month I'll be getting us ready for the Summer Solstice, sharing cultural picks of a witchy nature and, as ever, a lovely simple folk spell as gleaned from an excellent book I'll be talking about on the show. Join me! 

The Ghost Theatre - Mat Osman - Foyles London, May 2023

It was an absolute pleasure to host the sold-out pre-release book launch in-convo event with Mat Osman, discussing his extraordinary new novel 'The Ghost Theatre'. Thanks to Foyles for this picture. 

Aye Write! Glasgow - The Jam 1982

Rick Buckler and I had a fantastic time in Glasgow for the always terrific Aye Write festival, where we discussed our book 'The Jam: 1982' in the glorious Royal Concert Hall. You can find the book here.

'This House Believes' BBC Radio 5 Live - Colin Murray

How lovely to be invited back to Colin Murray's excellent show for 'This House Believes', going head to head with my dear friend Jo Kendall! Crivens. Have a listen here. 

I also very much enjoyed appearing on the show on April 17th, celebrating guitar greats with Colin, Bernie Marsden, Toto's Steve Lukather and others, but I forgot to share the link here and now t'is gone. Gah!

Royal Literary Fund - three minute listens!

It's been a joy to be invited to share some musings 'pon the writing life for the Royal Literary Fund's podcast series. 

Here are some of the latest ones from moi: 

The Festival Experience

Most Treasured Moments as a Writer

Staying Genre Fluid

All around three minutes long - dig in and explore the other writers there too! Other bits from me on RLF's website can be found here.

Paying tribute to Christine McVie with Colin Murray on 5 Live

sitting down with a glass of red when I suddenly hear the sad news about Christine McVie...& almost as suddenly discover I'm talking about her on BBC TV News. I think I said she was 'cool' about 19 times on air. But to be fair, she was. She was cool times infinity. RIP X

I didn't manage to capture the news piece on TV, however I did have a chat with the always brilliant Colin Murray on his show on 5 Live, celebrating Ms McVie / Perfect, so hopefully you can hear that here: Colin m mcvie

Wilko Johnson RIP

Like many, I"m still finding it hard to get my head around the news that Wilko has passed away. It was devastating having to make the announcement on Wilko's socials, and I did my best in this BBC News tribute but I know there are 100 things I should have said .... not easy but Shaun Ley was a kind and lovely person to speak to, and it was wonderful to celebrate Wilko, an honour. I meant what I said - we loved him so much, and he was the best crazy Uncle you could wish for! Love you Wilko, thank you X

Louder Than Words Festival 2022 / The Jam: 1982

We had a fabulous time at Louder Than Words Festival, not least because it was their 10th anniversary! I'm beyond proud to have been involved with the festival since the start, and my, how it's grown. I love Louder, happy anniversary and long may you reign! 

It was also a treat to meet my The Jam: 1982 co-author Rick Buckler IRL at last! We conjured up our book entirely via Zoom ... And on that subject, The Jam: 1982 is OUT NOW via Omnibus Press, with a special edition on the way. 

Thanks to official Jam photographer Neil 'Twink' Tinning for this lovely snap of Rick and I at Louder Than Words. 

England On Fire event at Wanstead Tap, Dec 15th

Excited to be part of a very special evening coming up at the fab Wanstead Tap in support of Stephen Ellcock and Mat Osman's book 'England On Fire' - Ben Edge also on the panel! Come and celebrate Midwinter with us.

Rock 'n' Roll Witch show goes into hibernation

My Soho Radio show Rock 'n' Roll Witch is taking a bit of a break until next year, but you can catch up with all previous broadcasts here if you want to snuggle up to something cosy and magical now the cold, dark nights are drawing in. Thanks as ever to those who listen! Blessed be X


Rock 'n' Roll Witch: September edition with director Grant McPhee

Bite into a proper golden apple of a show featuring harvest moon musings and an interview with film director Grant McPhee, who tells us about his witchy ‘pop art fairytale’ ‘Far From The Apple Tree’, featuring music from Strawberry Switchblade’s Rose McDowall and Jungian concepts galore. Also music from the BMX Bandits, the Jesus and Mary Chain, Simple Minds and the Fire Engines (Scottish music fans, this show is for you), plus Grant Hart, Clint Mansell, Mickey Jupp, Jim Jarmusch project SQÜRL, Savoy, The Shins, Keeley Smith & Louis Prima, cultural picks and the usual witterings.

check it out here!

BBC Radio 5 Live: This House Believes

I'm on Colin Murray's BBC Radio 5 live show tonight (24.8.22) after 11pm for the ace weekly debate feature 'This House Believes'. I'm opposing the motion which I'm not sure I'm allowed to reveal yet.I CAN reveal it's something I'm passionate about anyway AND I'm powerfully pre-menstrual today so this should be interesting #keepitfriendly2dots


Louder Than Words Festival at 10!

So pleased to be returning to the wonderful Louder Than Words Festival in Manchester again this November - it's their tenth birthday, and Omnibus Press's 50th! As usual you can expect a galaxy of rock 'n' roll stars including Stuart Braithwaite (Mogwai), Miki Berenyi, Kevin Cummins, Jane Savidge and many others. 

I'll be there celebrating the launch of my latest project with Omnibus Press, 'The Jam: 1982' with Rick Buckler, who will be in conversation on the Saturday, and I'll even be bringing some rock 'n' roll witchery to the weekend with my book 'Witchful Thinking' - specifically the section that proclaims my long-held mantra that 'music is magic and songs are spells!' 

Early bird passes now available: www.louderthanwordsfest.com

Rock 'n' Roll Witch show on Soho Radio - latest episodes!

The Rock 'n' Roll Witch show on Soho Radio is back after a bit of a break - catch up with episodes here: https://sohoradiolondon.com/pr...

'Witchful Thinking' at LlewellynCon 2022 - June 15th

Thrilled to be part of LlewellynCon this year, joining a fabulous and diverse range of occult authors. 

I'll be talking about the development of 'Witchful Thinking', the magical mindset, synchronicities, intuition, honing instincts, communication and more on Wednesday June 15th at 3pm BST / 9am CET. 

Join us and bask in the full strawberry moonbeams (and the blue light from your computer screens).

Bandsplain Podcast: The Slits!

Mega fun to talk Slits with Bandsplain's Yasi Salek! For nearly five hours! Includes music an' all. 

Thanks for having me, Bandsplain Podcast, you rool. (and omg this animation is very cute)

via the awesome Yasi Salek: 'On today's episode of Bandsplain we are sniffing televesina and talking punk pioneerinas, The Slitswith my very special guest, atypical girl and author of The Story of The Slits, Zoe Howe: https://open.spotify.com/episode/0zM7Em5cchu82nB4jy8WFR...'

'Witchful Thinking' on tour! Author events coming up...

What a thrill to be arranging live events again... more to come but here are a couple of confirmed dates on the 'Witchful Thinking' promotional travelling circus! 

May 12th: Writing On The Wall festival, Liverpool (feat. live music from SheBeat, whose magical music you may have heard on my Soho Radio show 'Rock 'n' Roll Witch'!)

June 8th: Blackwell's, Manchester. Hosted by Jane Claire Bradley.

June 22nd: Five Leaves Bookshop, Nottingham.

June 25th: British Library - Light Source: Festival Of The Accused

July 29-31: Primadonna Festival, Stowmarket. In conversation with Juno Dawson.

October 15th: Magickal Women Conference: Illuminating The Dark

Witchful Thinking now out in the US!

My new book 'Witchful Thinking: The Wise Woman's Guide To Creating A Charmed Life' (Llewellyn Worldwide) is now available for purchase in the US - out on May 9th in the UK!

Reviews for Witchful Thinking: "Zoë is the wise and seasoned guide I wish I had at the beginning of my magical journeys. Witchful Thinking feels like sitting at the table with Zoë, enjoying a cup of tea, as she warmly shares practical, accessible and powerful methods for creating a mindful and enchanted life. Written with wit & genuinely solid life advice, this book is a sweet gift from a truly witchy heart.” Amy Hale PhD, Anthropologist, Author & Folklorist;

“A wise, witty, important book, packed with techniques for living your most empowered life, Witchful Thinking is the equivalent of a powerful magical toolkit. The author’s kind, warm tone makes this book accessible, however this is also a book of great significance. Many books teach how to “do” or “practice” the magical arts and this does, too. But this book goes further by teaching us how to develop our own “witchful thinking.” As Zoë points out, magical thinking must precede magical doing. Highly recommended.” Judika Illes, author of the Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells, Daily Magic and more;

“In Zoë’s work there's a constant theme of compassion, curiosity & commitment to telling stories that might not otherwise be shared, along with that punk grit of courage, tenacity & creativity to get it done. This is a woman who brings her irreverent rock'n'roll stardust to everything she does, while always having the guts, know-how & commitment to back it up.’ Jane Claire Bradley, award-winning writer, therapist and educator, magical practitioner and founder of For Books’ Sake;

Huge fun on the Back To Now! Podcast

So much fun being a guest on Iain McDermott's fabulous poptastic podcast Back To Now! - essentially time-travelling by way of the Now compilations (I chose to focus on Now 23, Autumn ‘92 and I’d just turned 13…) Thanks for having me, Iain. I hear we are at 14 in the Apple Podcasts chart!

Expect much excitable cackling, consternation at lack of Grebo and waistcoat bantz


BBC Radio Essex - Lee Brilleaux radio documentary

Honoured to be invited to contribute to Ray Clark's radio documentary 'The Canvey King', celebrating the Feelgoods and Lee Brilleaux, alongside such guests as Wilko Johnson, Chris Fenwick, Kevin Morris, Will Birch and other luminaries. 

(Also very touched to learn that the idea to make the programme was sparked when the producer happened upon a copy of 'Rock 'n' Roll Gentleman')

Listen again here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programm...

pic by Keith Morris

Interview: Please Kill Me / Dayglo / Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché

An honour to speak to Please Kill Me’s Richie Unterberger extensively about Poly Styrene book 'Dayglo' & the documentary 'Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché'.

(I managed to get the word ‘egregore’ in there too. Not sorry.) Thanks Richie, it's a wonderful feature.

POLY STYRENE: BREAKING DOWN THE BONDAGE https://pleasekillme.com/poly-styrene

Location And The Writer: Canvey Island

'When the tide goes out, the gleaming Essex Riviera will turn to mud, flat and mossy, pewter and neon green in the half-light. It’s stickier than you’d imagine, filled with life and death, minerals and ashes illegally scattered, the bones of old boats, and, the closer you get to Canvey, chemicals; a toxic rainbow glaze of petroleum, and a strange smell. Canvey is, famously, ‘below sea level’. Former resident Wilko Johnson insists this does something to the psyche, and blames the place for his ‘submarine consciousness’.'

I loved writing a script for the Royal Literary Fund's 'Locations' series. Which location did I choose to write about? Canvey Island, where else? Pleased to share space with the brilliant Karl Whitney - have a listen here. 

Witchful Thinking: Good Times on the Good Sugar Podcast

I had a great time chatting to the chaps on the Good Sugar Podcast about witchery and more - check it out here on Apple Podcasts. Thanks for having me, guys! 

And if you want to pre-order 'Witchful Thinking: The Wise Woman's Handbook For Creating A Charmed Life' (Llewellyn), you can do so here! 

This just in, from mage, Shaman and magical influencer extraordinaire Elohim Leafar:

'I need to talk about it now!! If you had a chance to check out the original post a few weeks ago (here on Instagram), I received an "uncorrected proof" of this magical book "Witchful Thinking: The Wise Woman's Handbook for Creating a Charmed Life" by Zoë Howe.

Being honest again, this book is entirely more than I was expecting, as the minor brother of five sisters, I personally know and have witnessed how the role of women is often underestimated, and not only in public, but especially in magical-religious spaces, even more so in the field of witchcraft.

As I have mentioned many times before, while I appreciate that male leaders in the holistic community are very supportive and accessible, I would love to see more women leading this community.

This book should be called "tools for women to lead their lives through witchcraft and sacred wisdom", as soon as I finished it today and I was amazed, I can't give you spoilers about the book, that might not be correct, but I can tell you that many men in this community should take the time to read this book as well.

It is a very complete magical formulary, it covers practically all the aspects of the execution of a spell step by step, emotions, elements, flowers, perfumes, symbols, lunar phases, previous preparation.

Again: Can we, in all honesty, made our publishers give us more books like this one please?, Or is too much to ask?  I mean, we have really good books now, but books made by women empowering other people, with forewords from awesome women looking to empower other women too. Yes Please!!

"Witchful Thinking: The Wise Woman's Handbook for Creating a Charmed Life" by Zoë Howe, is available for pre-order now in Amazon, and everywhere books are sold. will be definitely out on Spring (April, 2022)'

Thank you Elohim! X

Thanks Rolling Stone / LA Times!

Lovely to see Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché featured here (among friends! Hi Grant McPhee :) thanks for the heads up) and here. (Appreciate the name check too, thanks Evelyn!)

International Women's Day / Catch up with the Rock 'n' Roll Witch!

My Rock 'n' Roll Witch show on Soho Radio will be on the air for a special International Women's Day broadcast on March 8th, 9-10am! Expect a focus on peace and female Ukrainian artists from MURAV to Jamala to Katya Chilly and more. 

PLUS ... missed the episode with Byron Ballard? Didn't hear Springwatch's Ajay Tegala's thoughts on the weirdness of the fens? You can catch up with ALL previous Rock 'n' Roll Witch shows on my Soho Radio London profile page. 

They're all here waiting for you, so don't leave them hanging.


Poly film wins two BIFA awards!

Thrilled and floored that our film Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché won the Best Documentary and Raindance Discovery awards at the British Independent Film Awards this week! 

Thanks to BIFA and all who voted for us.

Zoë on BBC Radio 4's PM programme, 19.11.21

Thanks to Radio's 4 legendary PM programme for inviting me on to muse upon the enduring appeal of the break-up album, in light of Adele's new album '30' (you might have heard of it.)

Here's the listen again link (I'm about 50 mins in).  Interview/editing skilfully handled by Mitch Mansfield.

Louder Than Words 2021

It was such fun to be back at premier music writing festival Louder Than Words (in real life!) in Manchester again. I had a hoot hosting conversations with two superb authors: Lesley Chow, discussing her fantastic new book 'You're History: The Twelve Strangest Women in Music' (Repeater) and Tom Clayton: 'When Quiet Was The New Loud', about the golden age of 'quiet' music in the late 90s/early 00s. 

Thanks to Dylan for the pix! 

Never Mind The Pigeonholes...

Thanks to the Royal Literary Fund for allowing me to muse upon resisting creative strictures and not letting the bastards grind you down (or shove you back into a pigeonhole). Have a read here!

Top five on Shepherd - rock books written by women

Female rock biographers: we're a rare & sometimes misunderstood breed! thanks to ace books website Shepherd for giving me the opportunity to big up 5 queens of the art (& for sharing my JAMC book too <3)


Rock 'n' Roll Witch featuring Byron Ballard

It’s All Souls and we're filled with the Hallowe’en spirit. Rock ’n’ Roll Witch Zoë Howe presents a cornucopia of seasonal rock ’n’ roll to celebrate the last Harvest of the year, as well as a very special chat with author and wise woman Byron Ballard, who shares her much-loved ‘Prayer for the Dead’, which became an international phenomenon during the pandemic. Plus apple spells, the spooky story of Tam Lin, new music from Elbrook Court and tunes from Fairport Convention, The Police, Jimmy Witherspoon, Wings, JAMC, Rowland S Howard & Lydia Lunch and more.

Listen again here on Mixcloud!

Halloweeny Cover Reveal! 'Witchful Thinking' prepares to take flight...

Well, I'd say Hallowe'en feels like a good time for a witchy cover reveal, wouldn't you? (That was a rhetorical question, you don't have to answer that.)  Behold the fab cover Llewellyn Worldwide have created for my next book, Witchful Thinking (April ‘22). Written from the heart.

Deepest thanks to the eminent wise women who wrote such kind, considered endorsements for it. Here are some now!

"Zoë is the wise and seasoned guide I wish I had at the beginning of my magical journeys. 'Witchful Thinking' feels like sitting at the table with Zoë, enjoying a cup of tea, as she warmly shares practical, accessible and powerful methods for creating a mindful and enchanted life. Written with wit & genuinely solid life advice, this book is a sweet gift from a truly witchy heart." Amy Hale PhD, Anthropologist, Author & Folklorist

"Witchcraft is a way of independence & sovereignty," writes Zoë Howe in her wise, witty, important book. Packed with techniques for living your most empowered life, Witchful Thinking is the equivalent of a powerful magical toolkit. The author’s kind, warm tone makes this book accessible, however this is also a book of great significance. Many books teach how to “do” or “practice” the magical arts and this does, too. But this book goes further by teaching us how to develop our own “witchful thinking.” As Zoë points out, magical thinkingmust precede magical doing. Highly recommended.” Judika Illes, author of the Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells and more.

'Witchful Thinking' is here to inform and inspire: let the Rock 'n' Roll Witch take you on a magical tour through the practices that can make your life sparkle. With methods based on her own experiences, Howe also invites in other practitioners to offer expert advice, too. Turn up the music andmake some magic.' Dr Kate Laity, award-winning author, arcane artist, esoteric historian.

"Taking the archetype of the wise-woman and themes from the modern witchcraft revival, Zoe Howe lifts them to a refreshing guide for a magical life. Encouraging us to forge our own way guided by intuition, imagination, heritage and preferences, this is both personal magical primer and an enchanting self-blossoming guide. We are led to consider our own extramundane connections and become aligned with them, to benefit ourselves and the wider community, letting magic flow into the real world of here and now.’ Caroline Wise, Starfire Publishing

‘Something I've always loved about Zoë's work – from contributing to The Slits claiming their place in history with her debut ‘Typical Girls?’ to her work with luminaries from the worlds of music, art & more – there's a constant theme of compassion, curiosity & commitment to telling stories that might not otherwise be shared, along with that punk grit of courage, tenacity & creativity to get it done. This is a woman who brings her irreverent rock'n'roll stardust to everything she does, while always having the guts, know-how & commitment to back it up.’ Jane Claire Bradley, author, editor, therapist, practitioner 

‘Zoë has created an engaging new work of witchery for the modern era, studding it with gems from her personal magical experiences, British folklore and her family’s own traditions. Zoe’s warm personality comes through the page as she welcomes everyone to join her on the journey of the Wise Woman. We agree with Zoe: let’s all bring more ‘witchful thinking’ into our lives!’ Sue Terry & Erzebet Barthold Magickal Women Conference

'The author presents us with a plethora of information and guidance drawn from our wonderful eclectic journey that is Witchcraft. With a little history and personal experience thrown into the mix for good measure. A practical and useful guide for those wishing to embark on working and living a magical life in today’s modern age'. Rachel Patterson, Author of Curative Magic, The Kitchen Witchcraft series and many others

MG Boulter Clifftown Podcast - Zoë talks Feelgoods and the Thames Delta

I think I omitted to share this at the time (my website was under construction, I think!) but I was really happy to be invited to talk Dr Feelgood and more on the wonderful MG Boulter's fascinating Clifftown podcast. We had a lovely chat. Matt is a Southend legend in his own right, so have a listen to his beautiful album Clifftown, and check out our chinwag here: 

Rock 'n' Roll Witch - October edition, Soho Radio

TODAY! (Monday October 18th) 12-2pm Soho Radio, my Rock ‘n’ Roll Witch show flies again! We’re talking GHOSTS (and listening to The Fall, The Pogues, Howlin’ Wolf, Purson, Joan Baez, Psychedelic Furs, The Tiger Lillies, new music from Tizane and more). And reflecting on Samhain (Halloween), the Witches’ New Year.

My guest is the artist and GHost Formula mastermind Sarah Sparkes, and we have the most marvellously spectral chat about her work (including her 101 Ghost Paintings project - one beautiful example pictured here) and we even swap a few ghost stories of our own. (Some actual spooky doings happen to the recording of our chat too.

Listen 12-2pm www.sohoradiolondon.com (NYC+Culture stream).

Listen again here!

Magic Words for RLF Collected

I wrote an article for RLF Collected about how we can use writing for transformation and healing. Take a look!

Dayglo love in Punktuation Magazine

Many thanks to Punktuation Magazine for including our Poly Styrene biography in this formidable list of top drawer punk and ska books.

Some 'Barbed Wire Kisses' love in celebration of 'Darklands'

thanks to 'Sounds Like Us' for the Brazilian Mary Chain biography love! See more here. (It's in Brazilian Portuguese so you may possibly require assistance from Google Translate - either way, the pictures are mighty pretty.)

Fancy getting your mitts on a copy of the book? Go here!

Autumn Equinox 'Rock 'n' Roll Witch' show on Soho Radio

In case you missed it! Celebrating another turn of the wheel - and a gorgeous harvest moon. Get in the autumn mood & lend your ears (of corn or otherwise) to the September edition of Rock 'n' Roll Witch on Soho Radio for full-blown autumn magic, a chat with Ben Edge Art about 'Ritual Britain' and his film 'Frontline Folklore' & more X https://www.mixcloud.com/soho.../rock-n-roll-witch-06092021/

And don't forget, you can catch up with all previous Rock 'n' Roll Witch shows etc here. 

Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché up for a Grierson Documentary Award

We're thrilled that our documentary film 'Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché' has been shortlisted for a Grierson award. More information can be found here. NME also named it one of their 50 best music documentaries of all time - read the full list here. Further information about our documentary here.

Louder Than Words Festival 2021

I'm thrilled to be returning to the fabulous Louder than Words Festival this November - I'll be in conversation with Lesley Chow on Saturday 12th November, discussing her excellent book 'You're History: The Twelve Strangest Women In Music', and with Tom Clayton, about his awesome publication 'When Quiet Was The New Loud'. For further details and to see the full programme, click here.

Primadonna Festival: July 2021

Can it be? Yes it can - a real, live, physical event! How exciting. Celeste Bell and I will be part of the brilliant Primadonna Festival in Suffolk on July 25th, 2pm, after the screening of our film 'Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché', discussing the film and also our book 'Dayglo: The Poly Styrene Story'.

More details here. (The whole line-up is incredible!)

Stevie Nicks chat with book blogger Michelle Dunton!

I had a super chat with US book blogger Michelle Dunton about all things Stevie Nicks, and about my biography of the great lady herself: Stevie Nicks - Visions, Dreams and Rumours, which was released by Omnibus Press a few years ago. Thank you, Michelle, for your support! 

In-depth chat and music on the super cool Foxy Radio / Deal Radio!

I had so much fun talking to Foxy (DJ legend Peter Fox) on his show for the tremendously cool Deal Radio the other week. We go quite deep, and he invited me to share my top ten favourite songs that mean something to me. Expect tales of eating crisps while playing the drums for Kelly Osbourne, the mystery of my REAL first book (all about bottoms), witchery, wonder and much more. It was so lovely to speak to Foxy, he was a wonderful host and a true gentleman! And his use of sound effects is a thing to behold in itself.

You can listen to the show and interview here.

BBC London, Robert Elms Show - 50 Women In The Blues

ICYMI! Last week's interview with rockin' Robert Elms on BBC London about Aurora Metro's '50 Women In The Blues', by photographer Jennifer Noble, edited by Cheryl Robson, featuring extended essay by mostly moi x

Festival Of Ideas: Punk Women / Biography

Thanks to all who caught Prof Lucy Robinson, Celeste & moi chatting Punk Women / Biography for the Sussex Festival of Ideas, in collaboration with Vivienne Westwood's Intellectuals Unite. 

We discussed Dayglo, 'Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché', The Slits, Tracey Thorn's 'My Rock 'n' Roll Friend' & Lindy Morrison, Helen McCookeryBook's ace 'Lost Women of Rock Music', Vivien Goldman's 'Revenge Of The She-Punks' and more - I'm told a link will be available for people to watch the chat.

Don't be fooled by our expressions on this picture, we really did have a lot of fun.

Rock 'n' Roll Witch Show on Soho Radio: Midsummer!

Monday June 28th, 12-2pm BST on Soho Radio NYC+Culture stream, the Rock 'n' Roll Witch show is back on the air. I'll be ringing in Midsummer with groovy medievalist, noir author and cultural polymath Kate Laity, who shares tales of Nordic summers and flower crowns, ancient charms, fairy warnings and much more besides, with the usual rock ’n’ roll magic and cultural musings woven in, and some love for Ben Edge's Ritual Britain exhibition at the Crypt Gallery in London.

Listen again here:

Mat Osman In Conversation Event - May 20th

Join Suede bassist & novelist Mat Osman and myself on Thursday 20th, as part of Louder Than Words Festival's monthly online events. We’ll be discussing Mat’s magnificent book ‘The Ruins’ and more... ticket info here.

Rock 'n' Roll Witch - May 2021: Hear Art / 'Hair Uncovered'

My monthly Rock ‘n’ Roll Witch show is back on Soho Radio (NYC+Culture stream) TODAY (Monday May 17th) 12-2pm GMT.

This month's show is dedicated to the power & symbolism of HAIR, magically & also politically. Guests are director Cathy Heffernan & artist Maral Mamaghani (pictured) both filmmakers with brilliant new platform Hear Art (https://hearart.co.uk), an initiative dedicated to promoting the projects of deaf creatives. They discuss their film ‘Hair Uncovered’, Maral’s use of hair in her art, hair & identity and more.

Show also features tributes to Anita Lane, John Hannon and NY witch Marion Weinstein, musings upon the enchanting work of artist Cathy Ward, & music from CSNY, Goldfrapp, Fleetwood Mac, Son Of Dave, Led Zeppelin, Daughter, Television, Suede, Cha Wa, Sqürl and more. With thanks to Cindy Sasha, Abi Borsbery and all who brought this together

Watch my conversation with Tracey Thorn / Writing On The Wall Festival

Had a wonderful time hosting the conversation with Tracey Thorn at Writing On The Wall Festival last week. We discussed Tracey's new book 'My Rock 'n' Roll Friend' and much more besides. Watch here! 

Rock 'n' Roll Witch on Soho Radio!

Holy Maypoles, Batman! You can listen again to Rock ‘n’ Roll Witch - the pink moon / Beltane edition - now as it is up on Soho Radio’s Mixcloud.

Feat. Dr Amy Hale on the occult artist Ithell Colquhoun, astro musings, folklore and spring magic, music from Fontaines D.C, Ronnie Lane & Pete Townshend, Lew Lewis, Grant Hart, Shangri-Las, Clifton Chenier, the Jesus and Mary Chain and much more

Tracey Thorn at Writing On The Wall Festival May 2021

Writing On The Wall are celebrating 21 Years of Radical Writing in 2021, and I’m delighted to be joining them again - this time hosting a chat with Tracey Thorn about her new book 'My Rock 'n' Roll Friend' on May 12th - alongside a host of other brilliant writers, filmmakers, campaigners, musicians, spoken word artists, activists and many more. 

Find out more here: https://www.writingonthewall.o...

Here's a pic of Celeste and I, snapped by Jemma Street, when were at the festival two years ago, promoting 'Dayglo: The Poly Styrene Story'!

Zoë on Talk Radio Europe: April 16th 3.20pm GMT

Zoë will be speaking live to Giles Brown on Talk Radio Europe about the hit book 'Dayglo: The Poly Styrene Story' and documentary film 'Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché'. Tune in!



Our documentary on the wonderful Poly Styrene from X-Ray Spex has been released! We had a fabulous preview watching party and panel event on March 4th, the day before the film hits cinemas. The panel featured directors Celeste Bell and Paul Sng, designer Pam Hogg, Art & Music Books co-editor David Sheppard, with yours truly hosting. You can watch it here.

The film is available to watch via cinemas nationwide as listed on Modern Films from 5th March


On Sky Arts March 6th 9pm.


Super proud to reveal that the historic occult book publisher Llewellyn Worldwide has signed up my next non-fiction book, 'Witchful Thinking' (appropriately my 13th book project) which will be out the second half of 2021. A bold step out of the broom closet! Stay tuned...


My first book, 'Typical Girls? The Story Of The Slits' (2009) is available again via Omnibus Press, and I've recently added an 'afterword' and some other goodies too. Order here.


Great fun to be on Word In Your Ear's lockdown extravaganza Word In Your Attic for a bit of show and tell. Dr & The Medics, Minder and Marquee Moon feature. Expect a great deal of waxing about Detective Sergeant Chisholm, one of the great TV characters of all time.


I loved hosting an online q&a for Doc 'n Roll with director Graham Bendel about his new music film 'Upstairs Planet: The Cleaners From Venus and the Universe of Martin Newell'. Watch it again here!


Truly lovely to host the Q&A for Ron Mann's beautiful music doc 'Carmine Street Guitars' for Curzon Living Room, featuring Ron himself, Rick Kelly and Cindy Hulej from the shop itself and the mighty Lenny Kaye (Patti Smith Group) who even sang me a little 'thank you' song at the end (OMG). We had so much fun. Click here to view.


Jolly nice of No More Workhorse's Killian Laher to invite me for a chat about my year. Feat a 'special dedication' to Donald Trump .... take a gander! (Last year's here - compare and contrast!)


The lovely people at Female First asked me what I'd like my readers to know about me. And I ruddy well told them. Take a read!


Just found this long-lost interview conducted by the lovely people at the Florence + The Machine Fan Club (PL). I have a quick chat about writing 'Florence + The Machine: An Almighty Sound' (Omnibus Press). Have a look.

MAY 7TH 2020: BBC4 9pm...

BAFTA-winning director Norman Stone’s 2008 film ‘Florence Nightingale’ is on, feat class act Laura Fraser as Flo, Roy Hudd (RIP), Andrew Harrison & YES, ME, playing Queen Vic. T'was a thrill to be in this production, not least because I’d already moved into writing & this would be the last thing I did in that respect, thanks to makeup artist Ann Fenton remembering me from a shoot & recommending me for an audition. Thank you Ann! Behold the trailer.


Thrilled to be a guest on Postcard From The Past's excellent podcast alongside the marvellous Andy Miller (Backlisted, Tilting At Windmills). The episode is called 'I've Got A Haunted Postcard Of Keith Moon' (I do) and here it is. Download them all, subscribe! You'll be glad you did.


My Lee Brilleaux book has just been featured by Shortlist as a 'great rock biography'. Thanks to Robyn Law at Blackwell's! I also joined the dashing Mark Ellen and David Hepworth for a Brilleaux / 1971 Word In Your Ear sesh at The Islington on April 12th - check out the Word podcast here.


Thanks Big Issue North for inviting me to write an 'Off The Shelf' column (it's about girls and gigs!), and to Bryony Hegarty at Louder Than War for this lovely review of 'Shine On, Marquee Moon'.


Thanks to The Muse UK for featuring me as their latest 'In Conversation With...' personage. Here's a link. I get a bit ferocious. And here's a nice interview with Penny Black Music!


Thanks to Nick Hutchings at Velvet Sheep for inviting me to contribute a 'Song For Ewe' - take a gander/a listen!


I had a great time being a guest once more on the esteemed Bigmouth culture podcast, hosted by Andrew Harrison and Siân Pattenden, alongside crime writer William Shaw. We had a hoot discussing Rosamund Pike movie 'I Care A Lot', the new album from The Anchoress, the new Zappa documentary directed by Alex Winter and much more. Listen here!


My magical Soho Radio show 'Rock 'n' Roll Witch' (formerly 'The Witching Hour') is gliding through the radio skies on its bejewelled broomstick to a brand new daytime slot! Mondays, monthly 12-2pm. Tune in for witchy musings, magical cultural picks, celestial guests & mellow rock 'n' roll. I'll also be part of Soho Radio's annual International Women's Day programming on March 8th - tune 8-9pm to hear my IWD special! For all shows, check out the archives here.


I had a lovely chat with #NewnhamNews Newnham College, Cambridge. Newnhamites (and non-Newnhamites) can find out about my background as an author & my role as the new Royal Literary Fund Writing Fellow at the historically radical and rebellious Newnham College and Selwyn College Cambridge. Includes a couple of my favourite golden writing rules as well as a mention of The Slits, Soho Radio, lipstick and my teapot. If that's not enough to hook you in, I don't know what is. Read here.


Thanks to Duncan Seaman for featuring my Slits book / Ari Up session with Roisin Dwyer at LTW as a 'highlight' of the weekend - much appreciated and I'm in excellent company, alongside Bob Geldof, Daryl Easlea, Lucy O'Brien, Rhoda Dakar, Don Powell, Dave Ball and many more. Read here!


Honoured to take the 'Celebrity Gloominess' spot on artist Sadie Hennessy's final 'Gloomy Sunday' radio show. I share my favourite gloomy song (well, one of them) which may or may not be Mary Chain-related. Have a listen!


Proud to have contributed the introduction to this special Aurora Metro Books publication, '50 Women In The Blues' (big thanks to Sister Cookie, Ed Mitchell and Deitra Farr) feat. the photography of Jennifer Noble. What a subject! The blues is a woman <3 https://www.aurorametro.com/product/50-women-in-the-blues/


STOP PRESS, MAY 2020: THANKS TO THE JAMC tor publishing the first chapter of my biography of the band 'Barbed Wire Kisses: The Jesus and Mary Chain Story' on their official website.


Thrilled to hear that 'Shine On, Marquee Moon' has been included in the NME's 'Things We Like - Objects Of Desire' list! Should YOU desire it, click here.


Amazed to hear my debut novel 'Shine On, Marquee Moon' was shortlisted for the Virginia Prize. 'Shine On, Marquee Moon' is out now (Matador). Order the paperback or buy an audiobook here!


My biography of Stevie Nicks - 'Visions, Dreams & Rumours - is out now in paperback via Omnibus! Check out the ace Bigmouth podcast, which features a chat about the tome. The b-format edition of 'Lee Brilleaux - Rock 'n' Roll Gentleman', meanwhile, was released with a Warners box-set this summer, sleeve-notes by yours truly.


Much fun hosting this with Helen McCookeryBook, Gina Birch (Raincoats), Tessa Pollitt (Slits) & Jane Woodgate (Mo-Dettes) at British Library. Post-Q&A the merry throng - myself included (on cardboard box) - performed 'Oh Bondage, Up Yours'. Poly Styrene RIP. I'm also thrilled to have recently recorded drums on a song of Helen's, watch this space!


The fab folk at Swiss music site Rockette conducted a Q&A with me based on their findings on my Instagram! Check it out here.